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Community engagement.

Building trust

as well as homes.

In addition to building new communities through our housebuilding endeavours, at Anderson we work with community groups, residents and local authorities to ensure our developments are realised through engagement, clarity and transparency.

Throughout the planning and development process, we host numerous consultation sessions with stakeholders so that they can play an integral part in the formulation of plans. This ensures a shared vision for our developments, forged from conversations with those most closely associated.

We have a strong track record of not only meeting our community obligations, but frequently over-delivering on expectations – regardless of cost to ourselves.

“Not all areas of land are equal,” says Anderson Land & Planning Manager, Tim Chilvers. “They all have a special meaning to the community in which they sit, and we at Anderson really understand that. It’s about putting yourself into the community’s shoes so you can bring forward a scheme that really reflects the wider area.”

What’s more, we run a year-round series of events and workshops in schools and colleges to stimulate interest in entering the construction industry. Since 2018, we have staged over 60 such events and have reached over 10,000 students and a further 1,000 people not currently in education or training.

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Anderson student outreach

  • 67 events
  • 10,000 students reached

“Locals can’t believe how transparent Anderson have been. They’re totally open book. You can speak to the Group Managing Director should you want to.”

Jon Stoddart, Director, CBRE